lørdag 15. januar 2011

IMU Razor from sparkfun has arrived!

Finally it has arrived!
I placed my order at desember 16 2010, but i guess because of chrismas it takes a month for mail to reach norway.

So you ask, IMU Razor, what are you talking about?
Well, it is actualy just 3 gyros and 3 accelerometers. With a IMU you can messure the orientation in relations to the earths gravity. To do this you use the gyros to messure change in angles and the accelerometer calibrate and to compensate for drifting in the gyros. This will require some farly advanced filtering algorithms.

My original intention was to use this in a tricopter i am building and later i will try to make the scorpion copter from the movie Avatar. Wish me good luck!

Other usfull applications:
- Drones
- 2 Wheel balancing robot
- Game interface

I will be back lather with som example scetches and circuits.

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